Do you wear booties?

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Thank you. I think I’ll try them.

Always wear booties, have one realtor that said they fired the last guy because he tracked dirt on the white carpet. I like the oversized booties for quick on and off.
I also keep a roll of paper towels and some cleaning wipes just in case. A couple of folding chairs would be a good thing to add.

Do the agents and clients that attend the inspection also change their shoes or wear shoe covers?

Just like me ~ NO!

Rarely, except on those occasions where the homeowner insists or if there are white carpets, will I wear them. I bring a stiff brush and large towels that I put at each exterior door and the garage / home door and I use them religiously. I am in and out many times during an inspection and even with this being a heavy rain area, I don’t leave footprints, debris, or moisture anywhere. Too many times I have seen clients or agents wearing booties and walk onto the patio / deck / garage / porch real quick and track stuff back in the home.

Ever notice how dirty the bottom of the booties are after wearing them? Well that is dirt from the supposedly clean home you were inspecting.

It varies from house to house for me, some houses are dirty and nobody cares so I just wipe my feet and roll on in. Most houses I do are pretty clean so I wear bootie covers over my shoes. I use disposables, and supply them to clients and reps too. I get them from Menards and they fit over my size 14’s.

I’m not removing an electrical panel cover without wearing my OSHA approved electrical hazard rated safety shoes, its habit from being an industrial electrician for many years and has always been a requirement for me, so changing into house slippers and the like is not an option anyway if the panel is inside, which is common.

Yes, that’s why I quit wearing them. They would get way dirtier than my rubber soled shoes would.

Like you I only wear them if the owners insist, which is rarely. I do bring a second pair of tennis shoes to wear at the interior, especially on rainy days or when it snows.

Agreed 100%.
I keep my steel toed kicks on as long as I can. If they get too muddy, then I put on my indoor shoes for the interior inspection.

I think it shows respect for the property. Vacant properties, especially foreclosures, usually don’t require them, but I always bring them just in case. :|.)


I keep extra disposable ones in the truck to give to anyone that needs them.



I think I like those Dan. I got the cheapies and don’t like to wear them - especially on tile. I step into a tub and almost busted my rear. I’ll be giving a pair of these a go. Thanks.