Do you write a cost estimate for repair after inspection?

Or you may end up getting sued …

Extimates are for Building Contractors to make, not Home Inspectors thinking they are Contractors as well. :slight_smile:

I have a good network of contractors. They often can shoot me a ball park over the phone with a few pics of the issue. LAter on when they need the work done, the contractor who helped me out, just got a warm lead. No kick backs or any of that stuff, just networking…

We do cost estimates for our commercial inspections. We’re doing a 2 day inspection of a large school starting tomorrow and they specified that they did not need replacement costs. Charge accordingly, if you have to spend time doing the research. We useRS Means.

That is a very high end estimate Linas. But pretty accurrate if you know what to look for in estimating.

Best price available is a contractor with a true job cost breakdown of his performance.
His estimate will reflect his past costs for a particular project.

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Sounds great and something everyone could do.

Just make sure your a s s is covered in your contract.

If I did enough home inspections I might consider something like that.

I know lots of guys in lots of trades that could use the work.

Some how because I am also a G.C. I am sure someone would get the wrong idea. At least round here :slight_smile:

True also.

Some of us have been doing that for years.
And by the way, there is a difference in an “estimate” “cost”, and a “proposal”.

And Jim, could you please not trot out that irrelevant case anymore?

We offer estimates for repairs, when requested. We also offer replacement cost estimator using Marshall Swift. We also offer appraisals.

True… and some of those inspector saying the have been doing it for many years, then all those years they have been doing the wrong thing, not good at all.

And, how long have you been performing home inspections? :roll:

While I like to put to my own input on many topics, I never suggest that anyone who has a different business model is wrong. Get real.

I provide estimations upon request…
Estimates are based on a R & R model
Remove and Replace
While the estimate may seem quite expensive / inflated, it is actually more reflective of the actual cost of repair…

Probably as long as he’s been providing “estimates”… :mrgreen:

James I used that one in training the new students right at the end of the course.
One of them came out and started competing right away.:shock::frowning:
The other is a Associate of the Competition in Ontario.:roll:
One is now a Real Estate Agent.:smiley:

i was planning on remodeling after 6 months- a year of living there and adding a addition. But it seems i can’t even live in it till i get a few of the major problems fixed.

Sorry you are wrong, I do not provide estimate like you do.

Maybe you should reconsider doing so. Of course, only after you’ve been inspecting for some time. How long did you say you’ve been inspecting?

How long have you been inspecting?
do you think you are the contractor who gives estimate to clients. ehhh wrong…

are 2 very different things…

You need to present the information with definitive terms to meet and fulfill the expectations of the Client.