Do your own home inspection for $14.99.

California always leads the nation in new and innovative ideas…oh yeah, and in scams too…:wink:

Maybe ill get some of them and sell them to the people that want me to lower my price. :mrgreen:

From the look of some of the posts on this board, there maybe some members in Florida already using this program:)

I don’t think it’s such a scam. There are several HIs in my area with little to no experience in construction. What’s the difference between a) hiring a guy who read a book or took a class and b) taking a class (via CD) yourself? Not much. I’m not saying my HI education wasn’t helpful or informative, but 28+ years in home building, remodeling and inspecting is far more beneficial to my customers.

So I don’t mind a little competition from CD/books teaching HOs how to DIY a HI. Wow, that’s a lotta abbreviation/acronyms, huh?


Do your own home inspection for $14.99?

Somewhere, there is a used house salesman that is calling someone else with a checklist to see if they will do it for less.

This CD was a give-a-way to new members of one of our sister orgs.


Heck Will, I have gone one better, I now offer that deal on a buy one get one free deal!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :wink:



A mere DIY CD can equip the average Joe Schmoe with the knowledge, experience and tools they need to accurately evaluate all the crucial conditions of a home that they are purchasing.

Do we get CEs for getting and reading it :shock::shock:

Gerry thats pretty good. Here in California we’ll also offer two for one and throw in a Brinks Home Security system and home protection plan… And BTW, the new buyer will no doubt need both after one of these CD home inspections.

Maybe the company is owned by Russell and its actually training for his “Fly By Margarita Inspections”…

Well here you have it get these and do your own inspections from the site…
Our Diy CD’s can be used for the following,Checklist Home Inspection,Checklist Home Inspection New, Checklist Home Inspection Used,Buying Checklist home Inspection,Buyer Checklist Home Inspection,Home Buyer Checklist,First Time Home Buyer Checklist,Buyer Checklist Estate,Home Buyer Inspection Checklist, New Home Buyer Checklist,Used Home Buyer Checklist

Then after you have done an inspection on there checklist and got your a$$ sued bigtime you can fall back on these :
Emergency Health Medical-Portable Records, Computerized Electronic Health Medical Records,Health Medical Record,Medical Record and Health Information,Medical Record Health Information,Electronic Health Medical Records
During the near fatal heart attack you’ll get and the possible beating that will follow when the unsuspecting client finds out you used a DIY home inspection kit to do his house…

I think this is for Home buyers to do their own inspections, I don’t believe it is meant as a training tool for Home Inspectors.