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Of all the HIP users out there I don’t suppose many if any use the document creator in the fashion that I do. I make a new document for every report by copy and paste from a similar document and just change the original to fit the new inspection. I use this document for pricing repairs. (Yes I know pricing is not required by SOP) I must say the paste option in the document creator is lacking IMHO

Hey Charley,

I completely agree with you. The entire document creator itself is limited. It was initially limited because of the html to PDF conversion program we used. There’s now an updated version that we’ll be switching to. The software is going to cost us around $15k a year so I’ve been waiting until we’re ready to actually get the integration done before making the switch. Now that Home Energy Scores in HIP are done and the high resolution fix is ALMOST done (few more days), this will be one of our next major projects. Stay tuned for a complete upgrade to the entire document area of HIP!

G. D knows we have been praying.
Please, please, pull the trigger .
Other than introduction letter I never use it.
Would be nice .
Then maybe allow more than one email because man and wife like a copy each.

You can only send one email?

I will also vote for you to pull the trigger. Documents is very clunky. I was grumbling about it 2 days ago. I look forward to the improvement.

Yeah time to give Desktop some love.:slight_smile:

You can put two names on the report but only one client at a time plus a extra send to Agent that includes a password generation to help them view all reports at once that went through them.
They can copy the link and share it of course but HIP features a notification every time the report is opened so if two people share one link you do not know which person looked at the report.

Frank I just did a full mobile report for the first time and will try and find a way to make it so I can show it so you guys can tear it apart and get even.

Pretty excited because they can see the video in the PDF with no connection needed or click the link to my server before and after downloading depending on how I set this sucker up.

I did 99% of the report as video.

Thank you I have needed this years ago;-) 15 K shucks that only the price of a good IR Camera;-)

Wow, a video report. I’d like to see that. Not being sparky either. I had a report that needed to go to six individuals. They all received their own login, and I can see who looked at their report. Plus and minus for all software.

Bob, you’re a few years behind. Agents get a direct link to the report that does NOT require a login, AND the option to register to see all back reports. That way they only need to create an account if they want to.

We just added the biggest new feature to the desktop the industry has seen in years! All HIP inspectors can now average an extra $100-$150 per inspection by doing Home Energy Scores for your clients. Also added a few other new features :mrgreen:

You offering to buy? :mrgreen: They have an going $5k a year too, grr!

Dom I am not aware it changed or forgot because I am not an Agent but must explain why they stopped complaining about the log in…lol.

Notice you avoided the other part though.Come on add another email dude.:slight_smile:

Will definitely be done for HIP 4.6 :wink:

Only beg because it is easy and soo many times feel guilty sending only to one or the other partner.

Like picking a favorite child or something.

Lol, I totally understand, and agree!

What is the PDF file limit on InterNACHI Forum?

Small…it tells you when you attempt.
Just post a link to it from your cloud service. .

Hey Dom,

Is that the price for iText?

Aaron HIP is not limited to Apple products so he would be using something more universal.

Bob, iText is not for Apple. Google it…