DoD Inspections

Anyone else being contacted by local engineering firms about conducting Department of Defense inspections at military bases?

Most if not all military bases have high safety and insurance requirements. If an engineering firm contacted you raises a red flag for me. My first thought is they are trying to transfer liability to you. Proceed with caution and check with your E&O provider. If they don’t sign your agreement or want to modify walk away. I live close to fort Leonard wood and just getting them to approve me and my vehicle to be on base was a pain in the a$$.

Sometimes they are looking for field observers and they contact inspectors to do this work.

It is not uncommon. Sometimes, it is just taking photos and taking notes…based on their template or instructions. Then they produce the report. I would listen to what they have to say.

Thank you Randy that is Excellent information. I am talking with the engineer again this morning and that info is very helpful. Thanks for the reply.

Brian - your brief description is exactly what they are requesting. Complication is, the bases range form SC to Hawaii.

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Let us know how it goes. If you pass on it, direct them to the classifieds on this forum. It might be perfect for a fellow members

Interesting idea. Thanks.