DOE Webinar

DOE is hosting a webinar at noon on Thursday, December 17th to discuss their new initiatives (which will include):

  • National Building Rating Program
  • Establish an energy label for homes
  • Address the need for expanded workforce
  • Training and certification
  • Support tools to help spur large-scale home energy retrofits

Here is the link to register:


Thanks Kevin.


:cool:Thanks Kevin

Nice find thanks Kevin,

Jason Kaylor – JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply](
St Louis Infrared
Arizona Thermal Imaging](
Combustion Analyzer](
Alnor Hood](
Construction Laser](

I will be travelling that day.

Any chance someone can post highlights back here?


I’ll try :slight_smile:

Also, this is from the registration site:

Please note that this call is simply a first step in this discussion. We recognize that this is a busy time; please do not be concerned if you can not participate in this first call. We will post materials from the webinar on our web site so that all interested organizations and individuals are aware of our efforts.


Thanks Kevin, I appreciate it.

I’ll be flying that day too. Hopefully they’ll post the recording of the video.