does a BOS count as a permit on Wind mit?

The guy got a new roof in 2008 and he gave me his BOS for the roof. Will that work for “A” on question #2? Or does he have to pull the permit?

Documentation of the installation date and product approval will work. Include the documentation with the wind mit…This was a big issue in post hurricane and rural communities. We do it all the time. Nothing like pics of the miami dade sticker on the back of the left over shingles.

Like Jay said reroofs after the most recent hurricanes with out permits were common. If you have all the information as far as invoice and stamp on the back of the shingles you should be good. It has worked for our clients

Great thanks. I have a buddy who did a DIY roof. How does that work?

Pardon my ignorance- what is BOS

Bill of sale
Only if address and date are legible.