Does a college degree help

I got a call last evening that started out with the famous start. You inspected my house.

The gentleman started out real nice and was not at all like I thought it was going to be.

He and his family are Britts and is employed by Conoco refinery here locally as an engineer. He was not able to operate his digital thermostat and the outside ambient dropped to 38 degrees last evening thus no heat. He stated that he knew that I had operated the furnace and it was just fine but was having a bit of a problem understanding how to operate it would I give him instructions over the phone.

I did better than that drove 20 miles round trip to give instructions. My wife questioned this and my statement to her was this is how you have happy clients and lots of referrals

Excellant customer service, Charley. Well Done !!!

Good for you! Excellent example for home inspectors and a good NACHI presentation.

To your initial question.

I know a lot of PhD’s and MD’s and other highly educated people whose VCRs are blinking “12:00” all the time.

I have found, through a BS, and 2 MS degrees, and 39 years in a) Physics (both research and teaching) and b) Computer programming and systems design, that the most important thing is to:


I was once asked by the President and CEO (and grandson of the founder) or Rand McNally, “Why are you the one that everyone seems to come to for help?”. My answer, “Sir, I ain’t smart. I just read the instructions.”

Answered the question the same way when I was the only one at the University of Chicago who knew how, and was qualified and trusted to, use the post WWII era cyclotron to make radioactive drugs for direct injection into patients when I was just a lowly M.S. and was surrounded by PhDs and MDs and other learned people.


Always wise advice.

Hope this helps;

Will, you don’t look 60 years old. :shock:

Great job

Great service makes you a winner

Black electric tape hides the blinking 12;00 on the VCR Works well.
… Cookie

Sorry. 34 years. I am 59 years old.

Thank you, ever so little, Mr. Kartel, for reminding me of the fact :mrgreen:

Sorry. 34 years. I am 59 years old.

Thank you, ever so little, Mr. Kartel, for reminding me of the fact :mrgreen:

That’s me Roy way back when I actually used a VCR.I wasn’t smart enough to change the clock and I certainly wasn’t smart enough to use electrical tape.Great idea!!
BTW Does anybody use VCR’s anymore!! I use one of those “dated” CD players now:shock:


I have to ask;

With all this education if you don’t mind me asking Why are you inspecting homes?
My daughter has just finished University [7 years] she has a BS Major BioChemistry and is now teaching at the University. If she told me that she was going to work at the local video store I would have put a contract out on her!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Why am I an HI?

  1. I have learned to hate the BS of both the acedemic and the business corporate world. Promotion and acclaim is rarely based upon achievment. When I was in systems, I got fed up with bosses who knew absolutely nothing about computers, but a great deal about BS and A** kissing.

  2. I am a firm believer in changing carrers every now and again. As my Dad used to say, “specialization is for insects”.

  3. When I was approaching 50, I started to want to be my own boss. Now I am. I have enough money for my and my families needs and if I can make payroll, every 2 weeks, I am happy. I have never understood people who have enough to eat spending so much time and energy obtaining all kinds of food that they will never eat, just so they won’t go hungry, to pose a metephor.

  4. I am good at home inspection. I don’t know why, but clients and Realtors and RE lawyers and many inspectors who I trust and look up to (both at NACHI and affiliated with other associations) tell me so. Why not do something you are good at.

  5. If you work at something that G-d has, apparently, gifted you with, you get a chance to share the blessing. In that way, you become a conduit (or for those of you from outside Illinois, a ROMEX :mrgreen: ) for G-d’s love and grace. He feeds you and you feed others.

  6. I really like and enjoy helping others. Many on this board believe that I have helped them. Many of my clients are now friends of mine. I kind of define my success as an HI by how many people I can help.

  7. Nothing you learn in life is ever wasted. My physics background has helped me with HI (thermal imaging, understanding the basics and forces of structure, electricity, the biology behind mold, etc), as has my computer skills (the high rankings of my web site) and my business knowledge (how to run a company). Is a good education only to be used to make money? Is success graded upon how much money one can make. How do YOU measure success?

) I believe that I have helped other inspectors, and the general public, in this area by working with others to try and change the paridigm with regards to state CE requirements and the price thereof, as well as the public recognition of NACHI in this area. When I started out, no one knew about NACHI. Now, NACHI is a well respected name. I know that I, and those that I have worked with, have saved lives. Isn’t that a reason?

  1. I find the job intersting. Every house is different. Every house is a potential mystery novel, just waiting to be read and figured out. I love to figure things out.

  2. Many of you will probably not understand this, or think that I am just playing around, but it is, none the less, true. G-d told me to and has setup things so that I did so. I don’t pretend to know why, but I guess I will find out when He wants me to. I have found out that letting Him run my life makes a whole lot more sense than when I try to do the driving.

Hope this helps;


I agree with your statement about “Anything learned is not wasted”

I have to tell you Will if I could make a six figure income doing something else I would. This is a Hell of career we chose for ourselves.
BTW I was just curious. My curiosity sometimes gets me into trouble!!!

Have a great day!!

Great post Will!!

Amen to that Will, well said. Or written I should say :slight_smile:

Charley, good move on your part. Customer service is a key ingredient for a successful business. And will help keep you out of trouble. People who like generally are less likely to sue you.


It is very rare that people with advanced degrees in Physics or Computer Science make 6 figure incomes.

Besides, if I only need a 5 figure income, why spend my time working hard, doing something I don’t like, to get that extra sixth figure.

I have worked hard and long and for many stupid people, in my life. Now I just want to work for one stupid person. Myself. :mrgreen:

What’s a manual? You mean those silly books that come with stuff? I thought you were supposed to use them to start fires when you go camping.