Does anyone have an idea what this is?

I’ve never seen one of these…there is an old intercom in the house, baseboard HW heat, and a fireplace in the room; this didn’t affect or change any of of them…

Thanks guys

Did you try to un-screw the cap to see what is behind it? May be an old outlet cover cap or telephone outlet behind the cap. I see these mostly outside on older homes.

phone jack?

Old dimmer for fluorescent lighting?

Maybe. Try turning!:slight_smile:

So how many fluorescent light dimmers have you seen in your time?:wink:

Probably the best bet although no fluorescent lighting was installed…may have been removed when house was remodeled…Thanks

I know you like bustin’ chops, which is cool - but in reality, there was little, if any use of this type of dimmer switch used in my area…this house was a fine 1966 model. Thanks!

It’s a dimmer switch for lights. I haven’t seen one like that since I left Manhattan. Fairly common in commercial units.

Funny question but Bob I saw one and this may be the second one I see.

Although it only takes one! Right.

I regularly operated it as it was situated in the home I grew up!

Best regards!


Older fluorescent lighting fixtures were not dimmable. Newer compact fluorescent bulbs are if they specifically state it on the product of packaging. Older bulbs were either on or off…no in between.

Very Good Scott do you remember the difference between 25 Cycle Tubes and 60 cycle tubes .
Any one else who thinks they know the answer go for it .

“Old Fluorescent” IS dimmable, granted with special dimmers and special ballasts. I first ran across them about 30 years ago when we installed some dimming fluorescent lighting in an optometrist’s office.

I also recently ran across this exact dimmer in a house in which I was doing the electrical renovation, and yes, they were for fluorescent fixtures behind valances above windows. I believe the house had originally been built in 1959. Pretty cool and still dimming the fixtures just fine after all these years so the customer chose to retain them.


Even today I had a new CFL on a kitchen dimmer and took a video which is funny with all the crackling sounds not to mention the fan on it too.

I just inspected a vintage 1961 home Saturday that had one. I actually pulled the cover off just to get a look. I would post a pic but it is on the other computer.

Yet it is a dimmer, still works.