Does anyone have pictures from 1988?

Hello, my name is Sam Keeling and I am a researcher for a film currently in development. We are seeking to create the most authentic portrait of a 1988 mobile home park as possible. In order to do so, I am looking for as many pictures of mobile homes (interior and exterior) as possible.

We are also open to pictures from 1985 - 1990, as long as the homes depicted could’ve existed in 1988. And don’t worry about the volume of pictures: if you have a couple, I’ll gladly accept them, and if you have a thousand I’ll gladly sift through them to find the ones that suit our film.

Thank you!

Just make sure there is wood paneling on the walls, worn out cloth furniture, phone on the wall with a really long cord & some ashtrays. Throw in some Ozzy Osborne posters (blond hair days) & an IROC Z28 (maroon) out front.

I’m sure I have pictures…somewhere.