Does anyone have reference to Arizona law prohibiting inspectors from participating..

… in preferred vendor schemes?


Then what the hell is this??? (see right column of vendor types, second one down):

Keller Williams is coercing home inspectors to commit crimes. No?

They all have the “Programs” Nick…Pity some folks have to stoop so low to get work, and then write soft reports to stay in the “Program”.

I’d bet there are a LOT of inspectors doing it.

Up here I just found out that 2 inspection companies actually rent office space in a brokers office.

Laws are funny things Nick…The Law as written says Home Inspectors are not to participate in the “Programs”, it has no Bearing whatsoever on what Real Estate Companies do…:smiley:

Keller Williams should not be trying to entice home inspectors into performing criminal acts.

All state laws, whether in Kansas or Arizona, were made to be broken.

Last year, I paid Keller-Williams $300 to be placed in their “red book” list. This is a book containing homes for sale that they put out monthly, and at the back pages are pages of vendors that are “prefered” or who “paid”. I was on that list, but got little in return. If they promoted the book, who knows. There were always some in a rack at the entry of K/W offices.

I was not asked, or solicited to be on the list this year.

I was also asked to pay one RE office $125 a year to be allowed to have a brochure container full of my brochures/coupons near agent boxes. I declined. With the economy the way it is, everyone is paying to get any kind of business. No matter what business you are in, it is pay to play.

I worked in the corporate world for years, and could not do any business with any vender unless they paid an “enterence” fee. Then, I forced them to pay one to two dollars a case to my “earned income” account that the company owned, before I could do any business with them. It is rampant in every corporation in the world; including InterNACHI.

We contacted Keller Williams today and requested that they remove home inspectors from that form.

Gary -

As you pointed out, bus is slower than slow. So we need to adapt.

I’ve started a Preferred Vendor Program for Realtors & Lenders.

I have a Silver / Gold / Platinum Level. Depending on how much they PAY ME depends on which level of service I’ll provide them.

In my Platinum Program / They pay $8,237 p/year AND I provide **QUICK **inspections (avertaging 1.5 hours or less); reports delivered ON-SITE with a Boiler-Plate **Computerized **(Say Nothing) 4 page checklist (like one of our BIG engineering firms uses); My reports are really SOFT; and I charge the clients only $325 for a home, termite and radon test.

Fast, cheap and soft - Everything they ever wanted FOR only $8,237 p/yr.

Thank You Nick… :smiley: :smiley:

So if I was an agent and paid you 8237 for the year, you will inspect how many homes for me? I could see a few agents teaming up to look like one and them they just slam you all for 8237? yes no?

and IMO they will do noting…?

You have a hard time with Irony/Sarcasm, don’t you… :wink:

Ha, Dan! Give Brian one of your famous “customer screwing with the inspector” phone calls. And stick me on a conference for I can hear it.

Please lets us know what the response is. This will be interesting!

Dan, if everyone of my agents that like me, and “suggest” me to home buyers, well, that’s about 60 times $8,000, wow. I would do just about anything for them. I can do a single page list of three, maybe six items, and just give it to the buyers. All items would be small anyway, and do it all for $99. Heck, I would even hire some “good” contractors to do them for free, and they can have the repairs they find.

That would be a great deal for RE’s of Kansas, Luke Bell, even Molly could then be able to eat.

I am living on mac and cheese. I have canceled my radio show and all of my advertising, disconnected my fax machine, sold my truck, and buy clothes at the salvation army store. I can no longer afford these things due to slow business. I think my InterNACHI membership fees will be next on my list.

Hhhhahahhahahaha I bet they are Classic…:smiley: :smiley: