Does anyone know how 'points' correspond to internachi couse completion?

I am in Oregon. There are ‘20 points’ required to take the licensing test, with ‘10 points’ (or more?) connected to ‘home inspector training’. I cant find any reference to how many ‘points’ correspond to the internachi courses, which courses have ‘points’
I tried calling the Oregon CCB and was still caller #26 in a queue after a half hour wait. Anyone have any idea?

You do know today is/was a National Holiday, right?


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yeah, they’re open. I’m still on hold, an hour or so, and I’m now 12th!

You must have called the Fax number!!

Despite some people not being to helpful with your question. I might be of assistance. I would check their website then if no avail, Give them a call and have the system give you a call back if that option is available .

I believe you owe Larry an apology!!


Hi, David (and everyone).

For state- or province-specific information, such as Oregon’s point system, please log into your InterNACHI® account, and click “Licensing” on the left-side menu. Scroll down the page a bit. Choose your area.

So, David, please:

  • visit your “Licensing” page at
  • Scrolll down the page a little.
  • Click the “Oregon” button. And there you’ll find a section of information about credits. Bookmark that page for future reference.

And everyone, you have an Education Team that works for you. And they’re readily available at Email is best because their answer for you will likely require a link. Can’t do links over the phone. Your Education Team is at

And you can always email me at

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