Does anyone know the answer to this????

I am working on fulfilling my membership obligations by completing the required mini courses. I completed the Emergeny Egress mini course and noticed that it did not appear on my Continuing Education Log. My question is, should it have appeared on the log and if so how do I get it there. If the answer is no it shouldn’t be in the log, is someone tracking the completion of the required courses?

Thank you for your time,

I have been informed that once NACHI has a few more of them completed they will be putting them in groups for auto entry to our logs. Due to the fact that most of them will only take only a few min. to complete.

I may be wrong but I don’t believe we get credits for the mini-courses. Ken

Correct, although the mini-courses are a membership requirement they are to short to reasonably count toward continuing education.

Our new 6 hour plumbing course is dang near ready to go online though.

I understand that there would not be any credit hours assigned to the mini courses, but if they are not logged as completed somewhere, what is to say that someone will not come along 6 months from now and tell me that I never fulfilled my membership obligations. Wouldn’t simple “completed” next to the course title in our Continuing Education Log be easy to do?

Online, way to go! . . . Looking forward to taking the course! Thanks!