Does anyone know what this material is?

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It’s actually a PIC of New Delhi, India.


The world (every country) has too many “food eaters.” Maybe Fauci and Gates are right.

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That is what I found also using Google related content. That is a very densely populated region. I first thought it was a carbon type material or some type of decomposed organic material
link below

Crazy huh? Maybe Fauci and Bill Gates are right. The world has too many people?

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You used to throw these grenades on Friday and then disappear for the weekend…are You starting a new trend???

I knew is was something like that.

They have not been right yet. I do not bet against trends.


I have a list of whom to eliminate! Fauci and Gates make first cut.



I agree, but I also agree with their overall point which is that we’re going to have to do something about people who are least able to support themselves… over breading. In nature, there has to be a predator that culls the weakest in the herd, and if there isn’t, perhaps we have to create it.

The problem with COVID is that it killed the very elderly, those who aren’t having more kids anyway. What good is that? All that heartache when a loved one dies and all that economic loss… offset by no actual population reduction.

Japan has been battling the population issue for decades…

Over population is a problem that solves itself. Famine, disease etc.

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Curiously the US does not have a breeding problem (low fertility rate), we import the problem (border crisis). In the years past (back in the day) you were quarantined upon entering the country as an immigrant. You needed a certain minimum amount of money in your possession and you needed a sponsor (someone who would give you shelter). I know this because all of my ancestors were immigrants (Irish potato famine, 1850) and census records indicate how they supported themselves (jobs) and with whom they stayed (shelter). Census records also indicated their parents nationality, language spoken and age and citizenship.


Then there is This Material

How do you choose Who (or is it Whom) is to be culled? is it based on Net Worth? is a Bangladeshi kid of less worth than say a kid in Bolder Colorado? Should we, instead of trying to lower the amount of abortions performed…instead give monetary incentives for low income people to have abortions? That could be a win for the elites that want to live longer by injecting stem cells from (not quite a baby) aborted tissue to heal them or make their wrinkles less noticeable.

Maybe if those do-gooders would just let nature take it’s course…So parents would get the message that they should not have so many kids…more kids than they can afford “Coats” for…?

If we let the Realtors decide, Home inspectors would be culled from the population…But then I vote for letting Home Inspectors decide…I would go after the Flippers first especially if the are also RE Agents…

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Years ago the popular idea was eugenics. Endorsed and approved by such notables as Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, noted in another post, and none other than Adolf Hitler. Carried to the extreme by Hitler we should never forget the atrocities committed under his regime with the rationale of eugenics and the master race. Only God has the authority to cull the herd of humanity.


It’s still alive and well, though some are trying to erase its early beginnings to eradicate (or hide) the fundamental ideology.

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Amen to that!!!

The material appears to be a fabric.

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I thought it was a close up of very parched asphalt or plastic material.

This reminds me of a scene from what might be my favorite movie ever, Kooyanisqatsi: A Life Out of Balance. no actors or script, just a wild sountrack by Philip Glass and footage from around the world in the 70’s and 80’s, juxtaposed in a way to show the relationship between man, the earth and technology.

Manufactured Landscapes is a similar script-less documentary about china’s industrial landscapes.