Does anyone know where I can buy a Spectoscope

Does anyone know where I can buy a New Spectoscope. Online store says “Currently Unavailable” I would like to purchase a new one with a tablet holder, I think it would be a great tool, but I cant find one for sale… doing Google search pretty much brings me back to [Inspector Outlet] are they the sole source? Will they be available soon?

Thanks for your replies…

Still says it’s temporarily unavailable. I don’t look often but when I have, it’s always been unavailable.

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I waited for months, but it never came back in stock. Ended up going to Amazon and making my own. Check out the Doca Pole with accessory bundle.

Docapole with Camera Adaptor

Oh, and don’t be an idiot. Never use near power lines or during a lightning storm. LOL

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Thanks, this is great…I hope I can find a good camera that will hook up to my phone or tablet in real time

Most cameras are now Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable. It’s very easy. If you are looking for phone or tablet cradles, check RAM mounts for your particular model tablet or phone. They make many different sizes and versions, many of which will clamp right onto the extension pole.

Good luck!

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Just checked out the RAM mounts, they sem to be the ones in the pictures of the Spectoscope, so good call… very appreciated. I’m sure this discussion will help others.

You can purchase one here: