Does anyone know who this company is?

Does anyone know who this company is? I can’t believe that one home inspection company made almost 13 million dollars. It sounds like all the other legitimately working companies saw none of these funds because of individuals like the deceitful few mentioned here.

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Hmm… OK. I sent an email over to the article writer just out of curiosity. Thanks though Nathan. I didn’t know there were companies out there doing this.

They are in the “Field Services” industry, which is HUGE! Possibly larger than the home inspection industry.

Just a small sample…

We all could have gone around to the Banks several years ago and made good cash.
Pretty sure it is competitive now.

Linas was doing it and may still be.

There were a couple of newbies here that were doing these (to make ends meet) for something like $8-$10 ea. Yes, you read that right!

Pretty sure at least 2 years ago the going rate was about $250.

Lately I think a client had to pay $100-$150 as I recall for them to de winterize which I assume includes re winterize and this was for a condo.

Yeah, all those home pictures you see on Zillow, Redfin etc. are shot by a human being making peanuts.
And banks and insurance companies have them going out every day shooting pics of properties for peanuts.
I’ve never had to do that thank goodness but I guess if you bust your *** driving around all day and the jobs aren’t too far apart it can make ends meet!

Everyday I appreciate how lucky I am to be a home inspector making a living.
I give a buck here and there to the men and women holding signs on the street,
I overtip the guy who delivers my pizza and hope the staff at Panera or the like
are working their way through school to make a better living.

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What the client pays, and what trickles down to the inspector are two different things. I did look into this 2 years ago and they literally pay people dirt. I’m not sure why anyone would do it.

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Never considered it in any working for others scenario.

Yes now in days it is all paying underlings and getting business through networking while under bidding I am sure which is why I never delved into it.

Sometimes you need to ride a gravy train at the beginning or get stuck at the station.

I don’t think underbidding is associated with any specific time era.

When the economy switched gears and Foreclosures were just ramping up the fees may have been higher and contracts easier to initiate than now.

That was my main point.

Now you have more and more comp seeing the gravy train thus lowering profit and also fewer jobs.

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