Does anyone know?

Where I can get the mfgrs. installation specs for this type window?

Krestmark Series 100 (ALUMINUM)

Thanks Carl

Try this might help
Roy Cooke

Thanks Roy

Is this much condensation normal?

Or might there be installation troubles?

Yes that is a lot of condensation
Lots of Questions
(1) is the window covered with drapes or curtains so home heat does not get to the window .
(2) Is the humidity high in the home like 50%+
and is it very cold outside like 15 degrees or lower .
(3) is this on a newer home .
(4) do they run bath and Kitchen exhaust to the out side and are they used.

(5) is this window the only one that is wet and is it facing north.
Added picture shows its an older home ,is the seal in the window OK
Yes I do feel there just might be No insulation especially if this is the only window this way.

Roy Cooke

A lady in OK. posted on my website!

The rest of the story!

This is another one but it is in North Carolina.

Time is running out she needs a window expert and some immediate invasive inspecting .
She needs an expert to back her up and needs them Now .
She should get on the phone to some qualified installer ,they should have time right now . please keep us posted
Roy Cooke

Thanks Roy

Thats why I posted here I know there are experts or people who know some in the area and I did not want to tell her to look in the phone book.


I have seen that type of condensation on older single glazed aluminum.

I have not encountered anything like that on what appears to be a double glazed insulated glass panel.

I agree with Roy, the problem is either the windows or an excessive moisture level / condition within the Home. Either way, the condition needs to be reviewed and corrected.

Thanks Joseph

If the warranty runs out on Wednesday, her most urgent need is for an attorney tomorrow!

Jim King