Does Anyone Read The Inspector Journal?

Well, they read our message board quite frequently and, in one case, actually based one of their “feature articles” about one of my posts. The intent, of course, was to disparage me.

I stop over there like most folks, about once or twice a year to see if there are any new posts, but I went over today when Joe F. called to tell me that I was “featured” in one of their “articles”. It seems they fancy themselves as authors and such…so I went to read what was said about me.

It was an opinion about a post I made on this board that went into what they consider over there “great depth” as they actually interviewed people opposing me.

But they forgot to interview me.

Noting that slight defect, I re-registered (it has been years since I had an active account with them) and got a user name “Jim Bushart” and password and was told that I could post.

I typed a few lines to offer to provide “facts” to go along with their “feature article” about me, hit the “enter” key to transmit my short explanation…and found that my user name and password had (in ninety seconds) already been inactivated.

They love me, there.:smiley:

I suppose those who occassionally stop by there and read “feature articles” similar to “Bat Boy giving birth to an Alien” and “Hillary and Bill Confess to Murdering OJ’s Wife” will not be able to get my side of the story. (sigh):wink:

No. The only way they ever get any traffic is to talk about us, let’s not follow their lead.

I purposefully left out the link to their “feature article”. It is nothing more than excerpts of one of our forums with comments from the typical NACHI bashers.

Click on the link to them:

As some of you know , I was banned over there for objecting to the NACHI bashing they love so much.
They claim to be non- affiliated as they never publish negative headlines geared towards ASHI or NAHI.

Lets face it that Mike O’handley is the one in charge over there , and must have felt slighted by NACHI at some point to hate one organization as much as he does.

Jilted lovers do not obsess as long as he has.

Nick once rode him hard and put him away wet and he never forgot the ordeal.

Right after I joined, I tried some inspectors radio button for inspectors, I went to tij and saw how they bash Nachi, i flushed the button and banned them from my computer and I don’t do business with any vendors who advertize with them.

Quote: Originally Posted by gromicko
No. The only way they ever get any traffic is to talk about us, let’s not follow their lead.

I never bother to “Visit / Read” the Inspector’s Journal but I just had to go see what you were talking about.
I see that I was also mentioned in their “Article”. :twisted:

It is nice to know that you and I are both a cause for concern among these clowns. :stuck_out_tongue:

“As of this writing, it’s not known what, if any, actions EBPHI is considering against Bushart, for attempting to discredit EBPHI and impugn the integrity of the NHIE through false allegations.”

Jim, looks like they are wanting to play with you.

The Inspectors what?


It’s a rarely travelled-to part of cyberspace, inhabited by a small handful of wannabe inspectors…like Jim Morrison whose daddy bought him a home inspection company some time back. They chat about how lucky they are that they are them and not other people…then, the head guy makes a post, calls it a “feature article” and about eight or nine responses are made over an eight week period.

It is very similar to sitting in your driveway and watching the chrome on your car rust.


Too funny!!! Can I use that line “Chrome & Rust” ?

Yes, sir. You may.:smiley: