Does anyone remember when this board was about home inspection?

Guys this is the misc.discussion section it’s not the tech. section.

Why don’t you go around and read alot of my postings?

When I reply in the technical sections, I keep it technical.

Like Mario said, it’s the Misc section not the technical.

Are you going to gripe at Nick because he posted about the snowfall at his house and put up picks?

I’ve had three people just this week write to me for help and advice on different subjects.

Hmmmm…someone must not agree with you about my posts!:twisted:

Gerry, why are you now trying to pull me into this mess, accusing me of spam just because I and others respond to post that we choose to do so? You keep telling Wendy to go back and re-read her postings. Well I ask you to do the same. I think you will find that you have made a lot of postings that were not of a technical posting. Like I have been telling every one, "read the code of ethics #3 section #3. I am not directing this at any one person or persons.


  1. I have not tried to pull anyone into this mess
  2. I have not accused anyone of spamming (just found a case of the pot and Kettle deal)
  3. I have asked no one to re-read their previous 3,500 posts with no content.
  4. I agree, sometimes I have a sense of humor (or sense of humor failure)

Have you mistaken me for someone else?




No…But I remember when I could get a burger and fry’s for 5 cents…ok I am kidding…it was 10 cents…:slight_smile:

After attending the Seattle training Paul, I can see those 10 cent burger and fry combos didnt get thrown out…:mrgreen:

lol…MAN…thats COLD…FRIGID…and I LOVED IT…lol…you got me…and yes…I savored EVERY ONE !


Man…I had to BUMP this one…Stephen NAILED ME…!!!

But when he nailed me…I bled GREASE…not BLOOD…:slight_smile:

Pretty funny Gerry :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps a new question of the day is in order.

I usually get your humor and enjoy it - just so you know someone appreciates a dry sense of humor (even without emoticons).