Does FHA require

Assuming an FHA loan and FHA knew the house had 3-prong outlets with no ground.

Would FHA require GFCI protection on 3-prong outlets that have no ground or would the stickers that indicate “no ground” be acceptable?

The house in question is in SC.

not sure about the FHA but I can expect that they would want it to be compliant and free of issues. Someone installing 3 prong plugs on a non-grounded system is misleading the consumer. So with that said to me this is a clear code (minimum safety standard issue ) in that you either provide the ground to make it a grounded receptacle, install a GFCI on the circuit and label the 3 prong as GFCI Protected and No Equipment Ground or they replace the receptacles with 2 prong plugs.

All of those options are acceptable…but alas I did not answer your FHA question did I…I would not sign a load if I knew of issues, what I dont know would not effect my loan giving process…but if I knew…i would expect them to correct it as it is a common DIY mistake.

But ofcourse you knew of all that I spoke…I could not help it…lol

The last FHA checklist I ever saw had no mentions of requirements of outlets, but I imagine FHA requirements are different in each state.