Does houses built in 2001 need a mitigation?

Hello I have a question? Does houses built in 2001 need a mitigation? Or is just automatically discounted for them

Angela, I’m not familiar with wind mitigations because I am in Michigan…sorry.

But, I wanted you to know that when I click on you website link, I get a “404 Bad Link” window. You may want to check that. :smile:

Some companies give assumed credits for 2001 fbc built houses;
Some were built for a few years without shutters after 2001.
Most require the wind mitigation.
State Farm requires them on everything as far as I know.
It is up to each insurance company.

There are many reasons that a Wind Mitigation would be completed for that home.

The 2001 Florida Building Code didn’t take effect until 3/2/02, so being built in 2001 isn’t necessarily equal compliance.

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Auto discounts are a thing of the past IMO.
Also, you said 2001 build. The home permit application must be on or after 03-01-2002 to qualify for FBC discounts.
Unless you’re in the HVHZ then it can be after 09-01-1994 (SFBC).

The only time a wind mitigation inspection report is needed is if the insurance companies request them. I’ve had brand new out of the ground homes in mm 17 and 18 requests when meds. it’s all about the insurance company