Does my state accept InterNACHI CEs or not?

I just took a CE on Calculating Envelope Energy Loss that claimed to be accepted by the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors however when I got to the final exam, my state was not listed. So does my state accept this course CE or not? I need these CEs, did I just waste my time?

I tried to take the exam anyway but there were no questions provided. Since there were no questions provided, my score was calculated as “0.” Is this a frequent issue with these online courses? I can’t afford to waste my time.

Hi, Chris. I just replied to your recent email. I can reply here as well. I logged in as you, and everything works well. I sent you a video recording of me logging in as you and taking the course and its final exam. There are indeed questions in the final exam, along with possible answers to each question. Please watch the short video and follow along. If you don’t see what’s on the video, then you’ll want to check your browser and possible update it. Visit Don’t use Internet Explorer, because feedback from members is sketchy. I recommend Chrome or Firefox.

And we’re approved in your state with blanket approval, meaning every course is approved. But you have to take the final exam, and pass it first, in order to attain a certificate of completion that will be accepted by your state.

Feel free contact us for more help if needed at

Nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since “Calculating Envelope Energy Loss” is outside the scope of the 9 major system items as defined by the LSBHI’s Standards of Practice you will only get credit for 2 hours of the total 15 you took.

“The board may approve only up to two hours of credit per licensing period for courses dealing with the construction industry, but outside the scope of the standards of practice.”

Furthermore… The LSBHI only will allow you to use 8 hours online towards the total of 20 that you require for your renewal.

“The board may approve up to eight hours of continuing education credit per licensing period for online and/or streaming video courses.”

All of the information you need can be found in Professional and Occupational Rules & Standards on their site.

When in doubt call the board office…

Also looks like your license expires on Tuesday. I would make sure you call Morgan at the board office first thing Tuesday morning.