Does Nachi Wind Mit course satisfy DBPR?

Will it fill the hole in my requirements the 2 hours? If so when did this take effect? I have already completed the course before but am still missing it from DBPR

Requirement Start Date End Date Required Completed* ShortFall
Hurricane Mitigation 08/01/2012 07/31/2014 2.00 0.00 2.00

When did you take it?

Course: 0000299 HOW TO PERFORM WIND MITIGATION Hrs: 16.00 Lic#: 273 Expire: 01/16/2015
HI - General
Hurricane Mitigation
Includes: (7hrs-Bldg Systems, 4hrs-Hurricane Mitigation, 2hrs-Inspection Methods, 1hr-Reporting, 2hrs-General)
Instructor(s): Ben Gromicko, John Shishilla, Gary Marone, Preston Halstead, Russell Hensel, Edward Stoops, David Marvel - (HI292), Zoe Fackler - (HI43), Scott Byrnes - (HI98)

I took the course, again, and it fulfilled all of my requirements for my license renewal. Then, 5 dollars later, good until 2016.

The Nachi WM course also will give you 8 general hrs and 1 WM hr for your contractor’s license.

Shortly after it was released I believe.

If it was taken after 8-1-2012 it is good. That’s when Fl. started accepting them from NACHI

Correct. You can get all your required CE by taking the Wind Mit course.

When is renewal due?

Before your current license expires…

I better check, I forget my tag every year

I thought the same as our G.C. License which I believe is August?

License Type:	Home Inspector
Rank:	Home Insp
License Number:	HI256
Status:	Current,Active
Licensure Date:	09/08/2010
**Expires:	07/31/2014**

Thanks for the help. Time to get crackin

License renewal for HI’s is July 31st

Ok I just retook the course… I didn’t get a confirmation they are sending anything to FLDBPR… I assume its assumed?

Hey Kevin’
Give it a couple of days…Just got my license today in the mail. Went fast.

Thanx Nachi.

Wait a week. You will have all the approved credits, then pay the five bucks. Your license will arrive shortly thereafter.

Just got mine in the mail today. I paid for it just a few days ago.