Does our new agent-targeted video disrespect inspectors?

So now we want agents getting more involved…great! Lets have them do some more “explaining” of what we do and don’t do. Great idea! Hell lets have them give all the expectations of what we do. Why don’t we just walk around with a flashing light and let the agent tell us what to write down. Great idea! Hell why not just give them a book stating they shouldn’t even get home inspections! This way they can cut out the middle man and have nothing to stand in the way of their sale.

When does it become the inspectors JOB to convey the expectations of THEIR business? O wait, we are too dumb for that, let let the Realtor do it. Is there anything else the Realtor can do in my business? Please Nick give them the tools. I can think of nothing more I would love then for people to refer to book you wrote to be conveyed as the STANDARDS of a home inspection. Great tool!

If you need to give your agents and clients an instruction manual to help them decipher your report, you need to change your report format.

Screw this, I will write my own damn book. I have a printer who can do it. I was getting ready to order some more as I am down to about a dozen.

I personally use a decoder ring that way no one else can use my report!

Once again, here read a 116 page book to explain your 25 page home inspection! PRICELESS!

I am actually in the process myself. Have it pertain specifically to my area. I will see what happens.

Dump it… why give the realtors a false depiction of what the inspection report is like.


Jeff and others, you will soon see what really happens. Nick asks for input. Not really because it matters, but he wants to validate his decisions if everyone agrees. For those who disagree…well its still gonna happen if Nick wants it to no matter what we think. As mel Brooks states “Its good to be the King”…“PULL”

The original purpose of the book was to give some weight and mass to members who produce their reports on CD and don’t want to print out a report on site. It also gave the client some nice information without having to add a bunch of canned, pre-written content to the inspection report (which no one likes). Then I tweaked it to promote InterNACHI members. Then the attorneys decided to tweak it up to protect members. The book does a great job of reducing inspector liability, especially when used with Then agents began seeing value in it.

Nick if you want to help inspectors market, sell a whole crap load of your books and make many people happy then have the cover customizable. I will purchase the book (inserts for $2.50) and then let me design my OWN cover…with INACHI on the front and back…but let us put OUR pictures and company logos on the front and back, with our marketing material and we pick up the cost…Win Win if ya ask me…I would pay $5 a book if it looked like it came from my company specifically.


Email me your cover, your pics and anything you want in it and we’ll publish a Russell Hensel edition.

DONE! Will have thius weekend…Need a good pic of me in my SPEEDO!

Get me front and back covers. If you can’t lay it out, just get me the PICs and the contact info and anything you want to say and I’ll build it for you.

The front cover should have a “local” tagline under the title. For example “Brought to you by ABC Inspections, Miami’s best inspection company

The back cover should talk all about you and your inspection services.

Your PIC and contact info on back and front IMHO.

Video is bad. To me, very offensive to home inspectors. Not professional, just like the home page on this site. Time for an up-grade.

InterNACHI’s home page works insanely well and generates more consumer traffic and inspector searches than all other inspection websites in the world, combined. We’re going to change the video to not show the inspector at all. Russell and one other member are getting their own custom book covers. The more of these books we dump into the market, the better for members.

I dont like the inspector in the video either.

Nice offer on the books Nick, I think Russell had a good idea

It made home inspectors look like unprofessional goofs. I don’t want a Realtor or some book telling my client what I meant when I wrote the report. I explain to the client that if they have questions about the report, the wording, or my findings, they should only call me. I am the only person that can give them the information they need about the contents. That is why I follow up with a phone call within 24 hours of report delivery.

I sure don’t want a Realtor interpreting what I wrote or giving advice on repairs or solutions to problems I have found. I sure don’t want the Realtor or client thinking a book will answer the questions I have raised.

If you want to sell books, don’t do it while degrading your membership or inspectors as a whole.

Better yet. Have an electronic version of the different sections of the book that can be put together by your membership. A license for so many copies or unlimited copies. The book is written so it covers all areas of the country. I don’t need stuff that is not found it my area. I doubt if the Florida or Hawaii inspectors need info on oil fired boilers or if those in Maine need info on swamp coolers. Adapt or fail.

Books should be for inspectors to give out. Some of the information in the books apply to certain areas of the U.S., and not others. I give out one at each inspection to only people who I judge need them; mostly first time buyers. I then explain to them that some of the book articles may not pertain to the home I just inspected.

I think, IMHO, InterNACHI could do a better job on the home page. Just check out any car company or corporation web site. I will introducing my new site this spring, based on a national corporate site.

Same here. I include when sending report and in person; If you have any questions at ALL concerning the report or the property please feel free to contact me by phone or emai and I’ll be glad to help. About 1 in a 100 contact me regarding questions they need answered.

Since you are fine tuning the book to meet individual inspectors wishes, perhaps you will do the same for the video. Do a special video for my market that shows the inspector cramming a whole case of your books up a used house salesman’s tush. I have a couple of them in mind, in particular.