Does Roy Intimidate you .

Good .
You need to stand up for your self and our industry .
So much information is sitting in these our experienced home Inspectors .
To not share it is selfish and does little to help the New Homies.
Excuses where not needed being wimpy is no excuse they are selfish in not posting questions answers and helping all.
Too many complain about our government and our associations .
I care less if they think I am a mean Basrtard I voice my ideas thoughts and opinions .
To disagree is great to say nothing is selfish .
Those who complain about what others say and do and they them selves do nothing is silly.
To allow others to control our industry with out voicing your thoughts is allowing the loud mouth minority to control out destiny.
You should love your industry and try to improve it Send letters to your Government .
Send letters to OAHI Directors ,CMHC Post them here so others can also get involved.
People get the government they deserve when they sit and do nothing All wounds are self inflicted .
I wish you all well and hope you get your selves together and support some thing or our world will go to hell in a hat basket .
We have to many mugwumps in our in our industry get involved now before it is too late .

Roy Cooke The loud Mouth who tells it like it is.
see our associations in picture below.

Absolutley not intimidated by you Roy, but respect you for having an opinion and voicing it!
You never get answers if you don’t ask the questions!
Keep up the good work!

Glad you are aboard Roy.

Just need to stop all the arguing and be peaceful like me.:twisted:

Intimidated no, Respected Yes.
The past needs to be remembered but not always brought forward. I realize past errors are what make changes for the future happen but, now we need to make the changes from those errors not dwell on what happened in the past.
Lets move forward with the changes and try to keep it civil.

Thanks big time for your support .
I have really enjoyed this industry and it has treated us well .
My Clients are fantastic .Only one who was not as nice as I would have liked.
I try to give as much help to all as I can .
I am concerned with where our industry is going .Since 1999 I have watched and it still is in turmoil.
A lot of little groups who desire to be in control.
A lot of great home Inspectors who seem to want to stay away from any turmoil,disagreements ,or decision making.
A lot of great home inspectors who do not belong to any major Canadian association ( I am a prime example ).
The way I see it is Canadian associations are only concerned with their own members and how can we get more money from them.
The dictator attitude of our associations is not the best idea.
I think it would be better if the Canadian associations where to concentrate on being an association and stop trying to make big dollars at the expensive of the members.
Leave the teaching to the schools ,to the suppliers , to the industry .
I am sure with better management this could be accomplished .
Agree or disagree with me is good ,
BUT we need more input form all home inspectors .
Many are talking about Licensing , from what I have seen in the USA it has not worked near as well as many would hope .
Please post your ideas for all to see so they too can try and come and post their thoughts .

Hell Roy , You got us all scared now !!! Haha , Happy New Year & Great Stuff for the new year ! Keep it coming .;):D:D

Yes this the right kind of thinking ! I say , I agree !!!;):D:D

Keep up expressing your thoughts, wisdom and opinions Roy, we are all listening.
For those that don’t know Roy Cooke, I do.
Roy and Char went out of their way this late summer to come and see me.
We had a good night together and wish I could have had more time with him. They are very nice people and hope to see them again.
Roy has acquired knowledge over the years, likes to spread it around to help, and is not scared to voice his opinion if it is bound to help in one way or the other.
Roy would be the first to help any Member in need.
He has helped me numerous times.

Here are a few pics or our meeting.



Thanks Marcel you are a great help to many Homies.
I am pleased to have been your friend for over seven years .
I am also pleased to have Talked received help and helped so many Great NACHI members .
Happy New year to all who visit this forum and too all NACHI members .
May next year treat you all as you deserve to be treated and all the best to you partners and family from Char and Roy Cooke


I would have gone out of my way for those lobsters also!

Kidding aside, I agree with most of your commentary above.

But members should help members to improve our industry, regardless of association’s.


I agree, and that is what I have been trying to do for the past 6 years.
Of course, I do it here because I belong to this one. I also do it in other places because I belong to those also, so maybe you need to choose which Association you want to belong to and do the same.

I assume that helping here will also help other Association Members than come to visit. It is not up to me to help Associations that I do not visit or belong to. Just the ones that help me and in turn help them when I can.

Roy Cooke has done the same thing. One can not help the ones that can not help themselves other than pad the back pocket.

We at Inachi help ourselves by helping others, and in return get all the education for free. Amongst other things.
If helping here helps other Associations, so be it, if it don’t so be it again.

Participation and dedication is the only way to help any Association, so start by being a paid Member and help others when you can.

If you are only visiting and need help, I am always here to help you when I can. So if you belong to another Organization, I guess then that I am helping other Associations, and Roy is doing the same.

Happy New Year and hope things work out for you. :):smiley:


Happy New Year to you and yours!

And don’t worry for me…

But if you don’t mind my asking;

I do it here because I belong to this one. I also do it in other places because I belong to those also, so maybe you need to choose which Association you want to belong to and do the same.

Are you here or there:roll:?


[quote=“marcelg, post:10, topic:55172”]


But members should help members to improve our industry, regardless of association’s.

I was replying to this. :slight_smile:
I belong to all four and usually well received on all.

Bravo Marcel.
Open free thinking, speech and sharing.
Bravo mate.
We all know Roy is the King of banter and knowledge.
“I am not worthy.” From A movie Roy.
It explains my feelings about your keen whit, uncanny ability to dig up facts fast and be accurate, and your dominance of BANTER.
Again I say. If one was given awards for whit and banter, YOU WOULD HAVE A ROOM FILLED WITH EMMIE’S.


I could add a few other words to your comment describing Roy but its the New Year:twisted:…

Marcel its a new year and hopefully a new attitude of no name calling or childish behavior.
We are all personalities.
Different ambitions and views.
We will try to carry our heads high and not lower ourselves to be viewed by others as children and celebrate our individuality.
So please lets not go there again please.
I like Roy and you will only be doing yourself an grave injustice by lowering yourself to start attacks again.
Happy New Year everyone.


I’m game if you are:p.