Does 'staging' a house help sell it faster?

So…if I read this right, $14,000 went to the real estate salesman for putting a sign in the yard…and $50 went to the stager who actually sold the property.

Sounds fair to me.

If this supposedly effective professional service is quick and inexpensive enough to sell for only $50 to $100, you’d think the realtors would simply learn it themselves and integrate it into their listing protocol …

Here: save the $50.

Staging is such B.S. IMHO. If you want to sell a home fast… is the way to go and a home inspection is not very expensive to have done.

Yes, I inspected for a builder last week it looked great, I asked him if he stages all his homes and he said no, but I’m going to start now. He said that he had 10 homes in the same sub division none staged, so he decided to stage one home, after having the staged home on the market for 2 weeks he got an offer and excepted he is now convinced that staging is the way to go. He adds that in this tough real estate market you need to due whatever it takes to sell the home. Some Realtors add that when nothing is in the house it feels so cold. This is from personal experience too.

I wonder if staging includes a complete disclosure of all known defects typed on linen stationary in an elegant font.

Combining that with an MIC would go a hell of a lot longer than “professional staging”. All it takes is a buyer’s “tough” home inspector to drive that “inviting” property’s price way down or outright kill a contract to purchase. The booklet pretty much tells you what the “professional” will and we all know the benefits to the inspection. Hold on to your 50 bucks indeed!:wink: