Does the Wood destroying insects course on here satisfy Ohio license?

(George P. Wells, CMI) #21

The Ohio Department of Agriculture will love you for doing illegal work. They will love all the money they collect from you in fines. It is a poorly managed bureaucracy so I am sure they will appreciate the additional revenues. They don’t think home inspectors should be doing WDI inspections in the first place. They love to go after non-compliant inspectors.

I was never harassed by the department but I had an adversarial relationship with them because of their antics. I challenged them on their misdeeds at every opportunity during the five years or so that I had the license. I knew of several good home inspectors who were harassed by the department with multiple unreasonable audits.

(James R. Taylor) #22

I believe they are having one of their yearly WDI classes on September 25th up in Columbus for anyone that needs their CE credits.