Does this look right to you

Are these fish plates in the attic undersized?


Are they not manufactured trusses built off site?

“Fish plates”? The only questions about fish plates is are they over- or -undercooked.
Your post appears to be about whether the installed gangnails are adequate. Take the InterNACHI Mastering Roof Inspections course.

Those are what I used to call stud straps, very common when I was a working carpenter.
I’d say they are fine for when they were built.

Thanks Paul. American references are not always the same in Canada. Should have posted in a different section.

Sorry Jarrod. Those are called “gangnails” in the truss manufacturing industry and appear to be engineer-designed and installed in a manufacturing facility. Not a problem.

Thanks Kenton. I’m a Boilermaker by trade and when working with structural steel instead of bolt up we “fish plate” the steel by welding. Same idea tho, lol.

Cool, Sorry Jarrod, I usually respond better than that. Sorry if I seemed rude or hurt your feelings. It tales us all a while to learn, me too, hang in there, you’ll get it down.

You’re a good man, Kenton.

We called 'em gang-nailed gussets or just (metal) gussets…:p:mrgreen::smiley:

Kenton was just hungry when replying to the post!..Hahahaha

He is a good man…


technically speaking for wood truss connector plate is the mfr/industry term

Kent, ¿Qué es el pescado del día

You old guys know everything…

Thought those were back scratchers.

Thanks, Barry…:slight_smile:

Sólo el pescador sabe.

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ouch !

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I still say stud straps but in fact they are gussets which are anything that holds the framing members together.

I grew up in Connecticut the son of French Canadian builders, I have been calling things by the wrong name my whole life.

Don’t know about Canada but…
If it was an older 70s home I would have recommended further evaluation by a structural engineer who specializes in trusses. The plane life expectancy of the original plates/gussets/connectors/etc is 50 years.