does this suffice

or does it need an acutal handrail

281 NE 165 PL #405 Ft Lauderdale(Roth) 004.jpg

It seems too large to be grippable so I would say yes.

Not graspable - needs handrail IMO.

even though the contractor might argue the overhang was or is grippable…we are not code inspectors and that application would be a whole lot safer with a hand rail…I sure would reccomend one …jim

Here is the graphic/diagram I include to show what a graspable railing should look like.


Thanks guy - I agree it should have one. These townhomes were built in the 80’s and they are all like this. I think the AHJ at the time was allowing this though.

Call it out as as not meeting current accepted practice and a safety upgrade without making reference to code.:smiley:


That is exactly what I plan to do. Thanks

I always imagine the house on fire in the middle of the night and the power has been shut off and you have to feel your way down the stairs. definitely be calling this out. just like all the townhomes that don’t have fire wall protection. i could care less how many units are built wrong. the bottom line is …unsafe.

You may wish to consider watching, which covers everything including stairways, ramps, doors, bulkheads, emergency egress, etc.

Or try, which is strickly Paige and a stairway.

(Paige Peters is in both videos.)

If you don’t learn a lot from watching, tell me and I’ll make it up to ya.

Can we just have a 1-2 hour video of Paige? :cool:

Should I ask?.

Paige doing what?

The graphic on the video Ben refers to above has an error. It shows 6 1/4 inches instead of 6 1/2 inches.

Could you be more specific?

And welcome to our message board. :smiley:

6 and 1/4 inches - hmm… are you referring to a non-circular handgrip?