Doesn't look like this new inspector likes our upcoming price increase.

I referred him to a couple competing associations that charge about $300 and offer no benefits at all.

I would bet that just the first of many more to come. It will be interesting to see just how many new members we get once to $1000 membership fee takes effect.

It will be interesting to see just how many more member benefits we’re going to provide once the $1,000 membership fee takes effect.

If you thought $289 was a good deal, wait till it goes to $1,000.

How could $1000 be a better deal if I get the same deal for under $300. I think I will stick with the $300 with a $1000 worth of benefits. Thanks Nick for all you are doing for us, even though we don’t see eye to eye on everything.

I will will wait and see. I personally do not feel that spending $80 a month on something beneficial is a scam. I will just have to see what it is.

Joe Johnson to nick
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A $1000? You FU CKING scam

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Well Joe/Toyna You do not impress me with you letter.
Sorry you disagree with the price increase.
But I am sure you understand you have little influence what Happens out side your world.
Attacking this way does nothing to help you and our industry.
You have already convinced me and maybe others that this might not be a the industry for you.
I wish you all the best and think you might be better to find another line of work
All the Best Roy Cooke

I agree its not a scam and worth every penny.
I also believe the increase will stop the fly by night lets start doing home inspections contractors from joining in hopes of raping some unsuspecting home buyers into hiring them because they think they’re certified by some association that most outside this or related industries have never even heard of. And I hope it does.

I’m kind of excited to see what all our new benefits are going to be.

Back to the roots…
and original intention of the Organization…

Hmmm… if Nick says that the increase in member fees to $1000 also comes with a huge increase in benefits, this could get very interesting. I have a feeling we are about to see the new member benefit package jammed with so much stuff, it will look staggering. My mind is trying to catch up to where this is going and I doubt I am able to see half of what is about to happen.

Lets think about this for a moment… what is Nick up to?

Nick is our designated driver and i’m ok with that!

I’m in for the ride and I like it!

Beauchemin, Marc-Andre from Brossard Quebec Canada.

Plus he owns the car - pay the fee or walk - its a Clear Choice to me :wink:

Hmmm, $289 to $1000, does this include group medical, E&O and GL insurance? I can understand a 20 to 50% increase re cost of doing business however $1000 seems a bit over the top. This all depends on what the new benefits and programs will be. If it is stilll the same as what was/is provided at $289 then I can envision ASHI gaining alot of members or another start up pulling members to them. It all comes down to ROI, cost effectiveness.

Start adding it all up, state licnese fees, GL, E&O ins costs, website costs, those quarterly checks to the IRS et al. What will we get for $1000 ??? I have no problem with the $1K but before I spend it, what is the benefit?

Current members will only be liable for the original $289.00 fee; at least I thought that is what I read.

Lets just wait and see what they bring before you all jump off the bridge here…lol…I read it as if we are in then we are set at $289.00??? Nick jump in here and set the record right… for 1k my feeling is they are going to offer something real good…at 289.00 look at what your getting…just my 1/2 cents dont have the other 1/2 been a slow month…

The way that I understood it, only new members will be paying $1000 to join; not existing members who renew.

Nick is a marketer… he said the next jump will be to $1000. I highly doubt we will ever see a ‘next jump’. He strives on getting as many people to join Nachi as possible and I’m sure that even he knows that $1000 is too extreme no matter what benefits are added. So, the new base of $389.00 is probably here to stay. IMO


If you joined in the past for $289, your renewals in the future will be $289.
If you join now for $365, your renewals in the future will be $365.
If you join after we raise it to $1,000, your…

Just what we needed, another big mouth to hang around here and discuss non-related crap!

I would pay $1k if it would get this place focused and send the Riff-Raff packing…

GO for it Nick!

Very few members are willing to invest in themselves.
This place is just a free ride to many. They “expect” everything to be provided free of charge (because they spent $289). That’s evident by all the “just go out and take what you want” from members.

Web site content theft.
CMI Certification claims.
Certified IR claims.
Lack of consideration and respect for each other.

All the crap about this place being a “brotherhood”!
Nothing wrong with helping out each other, but “entitlement” is not part of it.

How many times do we have to listen about “low-balling” and the same cry-baby wants everything for a low-ball price?

Jack up you damn prices and pay your way.
You will be surprised how successful you’ll become!
Or, you can just hang around playing the low-ball game and fight for the scraps!
I don’t accept “low-ball” calls. Eventually the calls stop coming in and you don’t have to worry about all the jobs you missed out on because some other idiot beat you to the punch!

I get 99% of the jobs if the caller does not hang up in the first 90 seconds.
If it is a price shopper, “I” terminate the conversation within 90 sec.

I know, I’m talking to the wall…

And a damned good one, too. He got you to plaster his logo all over your web page, didn’t he?:wink:

It is Nick’s marketing skills that made NACHI what it is to become your most often repeated reference in your attempt to attract more business.

And…as he continues to make the various logos that you attach to yourself more and more valuable…he plans to charge, accordingly.

Every inspector, without exception, is paid what he is worth. Why should home inspection associations be any different? Those that are worth far less…will be charging far less.