Doesn't this seem fishy?

I’ve got 2 chihuahua puppies for sale listed in our local classifieds. Yesterday I had a guy ask me a couple of questions about them. I responded and gave him a price for the puppies.

He responded below with this:

“Okay i can send you cash for the payment today with overnight Fedex or Ups and it will get to you tomorrow then i will send my shipping agent to come over to your home for the pickup after you have the payment okay so i need your full name and home address with your phone number to go ahead with sending you the payment today okay thanks.”

I honestly don’t understand why he would send a shipping agent to pick up 2 puppies. It’s not like he could mail them off somewhere. It just seems fishy but I’m not sure what he would be trying to pull on me.

Sending you a bad check. He has puppies and is gone and not to be found once it shows that the check is bad. So he get two puppies for 15 bucks (cost of overnite delivery)

Tell him ok but no dice UNTIL check clears and see what he says.

It’s one of the first steps towards Identity Theft. Stay the hell away from Craigslist!!!

It’s not fishy, it’s phishy, lol.

Don’t respond. It’s Spam. He’s phishing, trying to rip you off.

Run Forrest, Run!!!

Bradon dont fall for it . It is Fogarty he is having a barbecue .

He stated cash…maybe rich and lazy…or…stupid with conterfit bills…

Naw, I prefer squirrel.:|.):|.):|.)

mmmmmmmmmmm ME TO :slight_smile:

You know Brandon, if it doesn’t feel right to you, then it probably isn’t right, go with your gut feeling.

its a scam. do not respond. the guy is probably in russia or mexico

He’s trying to get your home address (his real goal). He has no intention of sending you anything except trouble. Don’t do it!

Craigslist is very dangerous.

Somewhere in US last wk a US Marine tried to meet a couple thugs off CL to sell them something and they shot him 3X!

OK for big items, i.e., boats, cars. I bought a car off local Fort Pierce, FL CL last yr. But I would not be meeting strangers in parking lots like the Marine. He’s lucky to be alive.

We have 13 lab puppies for sale right now…we take cash only! Use ebay classifieds its FREE!

I know a guy that went to pick up a car that he agreed to buy off CL. The guys he met knew he had cash. They held him up in the parking lot, there was no car.

Whenever I’ve sold pups, I screened my buyers first to ensure the dogs were going to good homes (no apartment dwellers, etc.). Seems funny that someone would buy a dog without setting eyes on it personally. Unfortunately, selling animals involves giving people you don’t know your address. Just don’t invite them in. Tell him cash only, no checks.

Tip: A Glock in your waistband gives you a feeling of confidence.

Good tip my 9m is very close by when these people stop by to look! :wink:

He said “cash” but I’ll bet that’s not the case. This sounds like a classical “overpayment” type of scam. It’s been used for about anything for sale or rent and people still fall for it. Usually it’s involves cars but can be used for anything and the script varies only slightly.

How it works: You receive what seems to be a good check, (almost always sent overnight / express), but it’s way over the amount agreed to. You call and are told the secretary or someone made an error and accidentally included the shippers fees . You’re then asked to please go ahead and “deposit” the check and wire the “overpayment” to the shipping agent, etc. This scam only works because many people are under the impression the check is good if it’s not flagged when deposited.

The scam is a done deal when you wire the funds. You will never see any “shipping agent” or anyone else. It will take weeks or even longer for the bogus check to be returned as a bad instrument but the funds you wired unfortunately were all too real and gone for good…