im a inspector in ohio and a new member of internachi. im taking the 120 coarse to be a home inspector in fl. my ? is which is easy the internachi exam or the nahi exam to pass.

Do you know Brandon R?

no what part of fl you in?

Im moving to fl in about a year and a half. Im taking the 120 hour coarse and will take exam with Internachi. it better to take the Internachi exam or the Nahi exam?

I don’t have a lot of experience with NAHI. I can tell you I researched heavily all the options for weeks, spent many, many hours searching options including NAHI. My results concluded that InterNACHI was the best option for me. You have to decide what is best for you.


you may not like this but i was retiring and moving to home inspections in naples area. i wanted to do a few a day not get rich or any thing like that. i live in columbus ohio now. would be nice to know a few inspectors in the area that would not mind giving me some help in doing inspections in fl. i have been doing them in ohio for 12 years.

i had my training with ASHI back then.

inspectors are not regulated in ohio

Wow, I hope your report writing, spelling and grammar is better than the format for your posts because your posting grammar is terrible…

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I was about to ask the same question.

If you can do a few a day, and you don’t get rich, then you are a horrible businessman.

Just sayin’

DAMNIT! Beat me to it again! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also was wondering what kind of “inspections” he is planning on doing a “few a day”? Is he doing a “few a day” in Ohio? Seems unlikely, when taking this entire thread in context. Also, if he has been inspecting in Ohio for 12 years, why is he even remotely concerned and looking for the easiest exam for a FL. license? Seems awful fishy!

Go the the west coast near Sam. :wink:

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Referring to I don’t need any more competition. Just joking.
You can have him on your side of the state. ha ha :slight_smile:

Besides, perhaps you can be an assistant seeing he has 12 years experience. :roll:
…“giving me some help in doing inspections in fl. i have been doing them in ohio for 12 years…”

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kinda struck me funny, too. Who’s been inspecting for 12 years and needs to find an “easy to pass exam”?

Who thinks doing a few a day is easy breezy and would not be a decent income. I guess if you did not charge what I feel we should get for a written home inspection.

I just wish I could figure out an economical way to advertise my home inspection alternative. Walk and Talks. I really enjoy doing them and all involved so far has loved the process. Only exception was some dumb hole whose brother agreed to one thing and she then decided she wanted something else after I started and was bout finished. I could have screwed her even though she thought she was slick but I gave her what she wanted even though I felt dirty for doing so :frowning: I screwed up by breaking my payment policy and just wanted to move on.