I almost smacked my forehead when I saw this. I caught myself first.

Don’t hit yourself… they will probably say it was grandfathered in prior to 1993 panels were allowed in bathrooms. But I guess smoking was thought to be OK at some point. Recommendations to be made. This isn’t a comm building I assume.

Also, fuel burning appliance in bathroom?? Maybe if this was/is a very large area, the AHJ may have allowed… dunno.

The bathroom was brand spanking new. It was added after 1993 and I am guessing no permits were pulled for this improper remodel.

Yeah seeing the panel and water heater in the bathroom is what made me want to smack my head. Its not allowed. The bathroom vent was in a wall right next to the water heater.

The seller was also the listing agent. He said he did most of the work himeself:shock:

If panel (or bath built around it) was installed post 93, I can’t imagine there’s a leg to stand on…esp w/out permits. I think the steamy air is good for electrical components and make up air, keeps stuff clean, right? If it’s a small bathroom, they get to see if a flushing toilet back drafts the WH or vice versa.

Having said that…at a new construction inspection last year, I commented about a Panel installed in a BR closet (really bad spot all the away around) and when the customer went to building and safety, with relevant section in hand and picture (they were trying to get/force builder to move) the response was “Interesting, hadn’t come across that section before”:roll:… at the end of day, I don’t think anything was resolved and they moved in anyway :smiley:


I expect these things from harry the homeowner but not builders…

many trades people dont stay up on code changes… water runs down hill is all a plumber needs to know.

I don’t stay up code changes and I am still learning codes. I do have a good bit of common sense though.:mrgreen:

The black iron gas pipe will make a nice toilet paper holder.