Doing an interview with CNN tomorrow.

I’ll let you all know how it goes, should be pretty good for NACHI.


I was a TV photojournalist for many years. I used to work at News 4 in Denver. If you need some pointers for TV interviews, or have questions about TV interviews, feel free to give me a call.

Of course you are probably an old hand…

Good luck! Sounds like a great opportunity for NACHI!

Tip #1 - Try to look relaxed and confident.
Tip #2 - Don’t wave at the camera an say “Hi Mom”.
Tip #3 - Don’t pick your nose.
Tip #4 - Try not to blink much.
Tip #5 - Don’t call other Assoc. by the term “scumbags”.
Tip #6 - Don’t give the peace sign (really out of date stuff).
Tip #7 - Do tell everyone to find their own Realtor and
not go with the list the they provide.

Tip #8 - Really look happy about being the founder of the
largest and best HI Assoc. in the world.
Tip #9 - Don’t sleep on camera.
Tip #10- Try to do this between every comment… :mrgreen:

Comb your hair!

:wink: :smiley:

Don’t forget to clip the nose hairs…damn closeups…:mrgreen:

Tell 'em that one of our inspectors (me) was featured a few times on CNN’s Open House TV Show


Do you know yet when this will air?

Hah…very funny…but true!

If anyone out there ever has to do any media interviews, I am available for some consultation…anytime. It may look easy, but I assure you that it is not. Many people are naturals when it comes to on camera interviews, but for the majority of people who get interviewed it is a little nerve wracking, and this unease can make you look pretty bad. Here are a few things to remember…

  1. ALWAYS take the time to look in the mirror before you go on… A good photog will tell you if you’ve got a booger, or an eyebrow hair out of place, but most will not. A booger, on camera, looks pretty bad.

  2. A reporter will typically do a pre-interview before the camera begins to roll. Take this opportunity to gather your thoughts, and “rehearse” a little. When the camera rolls, try to say the same thing that you did during the pre-interview. Also, reporters are generalist too. They know a little about a lot, so don’t be afraid to tell them something that they may not know. It will make the interview more informative for the audience.

  3. Speak in soundbites. 10 to 12 seconds and no more. Keep it short. The last thing a TV reporter wants is for you to ramble on and on. Also, every soundbite should be interesting and meaningful…and BE CONVERSATIONAL…don’t try to sound all technical and official. Just be a regular guy.

  4. If you make a mistake (even if you’re live) just stop, catch your breath, and start again. If you say something that you didn’t like, just say…“let me say that again”…and go.

  5. Make friends with the photographer. He is the most important person in the operation. In many cases, the photographer may even do the interview himself. The reporter may ask the questions, but the photog shoots, lights, mics, and edits the story. They usually have the most to say about what the final product looks like. Don’t be afraid to ask him if he plans on shooting it “tight”, or “loose.” If you’re heavier, a loose shot looks better, so hint that you would like it shot loose. Say something like, “Hey photog dude, I talk with my hands a lot, so you may want to have a wider shot…” etc.

  6. Don’t be disappointed if you wait all day to watch your TV debut, and see yourself for 10 seconds only. This is normal, but remember, most likely the reporter used all your interview for information, not just soundbites. You can still influence the story if you are compelling and have good information. Also, make it clear to the reporter that she can call you anytime for any information…etc.

Hope this helps some of you soon to be media stars…

Whatever you do, do NOT pull Larry’s suspenders. He hates that.

Nick, If you see Robin Meade, make sure you give the Ohio girl a real big sloppy kiss and hug for me. :stuck_out_tongue: Make sure to tell them that you want some air time with Glenn Beck while you are at it. I think you two are made from the same mold. :shock:

LOL…don’t ask if your hair is OK while on camera…LOL

Nick good luck and stay-cool,calm & collected.