Doing away with password on HomeGauage

Forcing realtors and clients to manage yet another password to get reports is clunky. I do understand and support secure and restricted access to my reports for my clients and their agents.

I propose that HomeGauge implement OAUTH and do away with passwords. Users could log in using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft Accounts, and several others. OAUTH does not require the user give their password, only clicking the login with Facebook (or whatever) to get their reports.

OAUTH is really easy to implement and would also be a great way for inspectors and others to log into the HomeGauge website for all management functions.

OAUTH is more secure because users do not need to enter a password and HG doesn’t need to implement methods to keep passwords secure from hackers because HG doesn’t EVER have a users password.

Hi Richard,
We are planning on honing in ways to make it easier for those agents who don’t know how to change their pw to something they can remember. We know you get a few agents who complain but most do not and with over 7000 agents a week coming to get their report the majority don’t mind and fully understand the importance. You can always make the report public and send those special ones a link.

Stay tuned though because we have a few things we plan to implement including a way for agents to not have to sign in.


Russell …

Curious old guy. To me the 1st comment sounded out in “LaLa” land.

Once they sign in 1 time they can change their password to something they use all the time and remember easily. To have someone go to Twingle, Titter, Facebak or whatever to get a home inspection report like the poster was referring to, sounds really weird to me.

I know my grandchildren get on those sites a lot, but a great amount of home inspectors are grown men and don’t play with that stuff.

Is there some reason someone would bring up a Q like that when its so easy the way it is?

Over a thousand inspections with Homegauge and not one question about having problems with signing in. Bigger fish to fry IMHO.

To me signing in using any of the above would be less secure, especially with FB. Signing in using FB, Google, etc, just makes it easier for them to track what you are doing. Plus FB and Google, as well as others, get “hacked” all of the time.