Doing this show around the country for REALTORs.

I’ve been speaking to some folks at the county Board of Realtors about doing some classes for them. What’s the process involved in getting a hold of the materials from you, in order to get them submitted to the MREC for approval.

Persistence, persistence, persistence!!! I have sent Nick & Lisa the paperwork for approval here in Michigan about 3 or 4 months ago, could have been longer.:neutral:

Lisa is always very busy and it’s hard for her to get Nick to slow down to fill out the papers. I know here we need a resume for Nick to get him approved as an instructor. I then need to fill out papers to have the course approved. Then I need to have the Chapter, My business or Myself approved as the training facility.

I then have a lot of record keeping. I need to keep a record of everything for I think 3 or 6 years… I can’t remember off hand right now.

Approval for real estate license CE has been sought in all 50 states. A few states already approved.

In MO the MREC approves the course, not necessarily the instructor. Is this something that I could take and teach myself?

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NACHI members are welcome to use my curriculum as their own.