Domain for sale.

Anyone interested in buying my domain “”? I took a job performing code inspections and no longer need the domain.


Pass. Sucky domain.:slight_smile:

is one million us dollars enough? when i get my money from my heirs in Nigeria, I could forward on the check…

pshhhh I got close to 2 billion on the way as soon as I provide the kind prince of Azuel with my checking account number and a western union payment of only 500 bucks.:cool:

One of these days were are all going to read somewhere that some person answered one of these emails and indeed did get the cash.:shock: Wouldn’t that just be a kick in the butt.:roll:

If they were smart they would let that happen once in a while.

Oh well!

See they should use some of the money they scam off people and reinvest it back into their business by giving some out. It would make it all over the internet that it happened and they would make more money because more people would fall for it. And one must at least think there is someone being taken by this crap or else it would have ended long ago.

A friend of a close friend was scammed by one of these.

They just didn’t know.

Some of these scams are quite complicated and compelling.

First rule.

Don’t send any money. Period. Never. Ever.

How much $ for the domain Robert?