Dominic to the rescue!!

I want to thank Dominic from Home Inspector Pro (HIP) for helping me in numerous ways.

This man goes way above and beyond the normal computor or software specialist.

Just recently I had a problem down loading a radon report to my PC.
This has nothing to due with (HIP)

Dominic took the time to help me and in about 10 minutes he had it all figured out. It had to do with reconginizing Com ports.

Dominics support and computer knowledge is unbelievable. This guy knows his stuff.

I am currently using AHIT report software and it is time consuming, causes problems with my PC. Actually Dominic was helping me with his trial version and noticed his software was not working right on my PC.

I have had a problem for years with word, Ahit freezing up. Dominic repaired the problem (With my PC and report software not HIP )and my PC has been working great.

I want to switch over to HIP but with business being very busy and trying to redo a QAP for radon I cant switch over to HIP at this time as I need to learn the program and edit the template to my preferences.

I plan on switching to HIP as soon as I have some down time.

I just wanted others to know that Dominic at HIP has been a tremodous help to me and I would recommend anyone who has any questions to contact Dominic.

I know a lot of inspectors are aware of Dominic as he has a few threads on the board.

I justed wanted to thank him and he can use me for a testimonial or whatever.

Thanks Dominic I was getting pretty frustrated with the radon report.

I am truly grateful for people like yourself.

You are a true professional.

Dominic has helped many of us on this board. He also talks straight to you (something I especially appreciate).

Thanks Dominic!:smiley:

And people wonder why I am a Home Inspector Pro fanatic.?

Ditto…Dominic for the win!!!


The man gives this profession a good name. I appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the kudos and feedback! I’m happy to help you guys out when I have the time. I haven’t worked with a radon machine before, but hardware is hardware once you hook it up to the computer :slight_smile:

Yet another “extra” we have with Dominic.


Psssst, Guys, don’t tell anyone . . .

When we were in Colorado together a few months ago, I found out the secret to Dominic’s helpfulness . . .

Yup, he’s actually quintuplets!!! They sleep in shifts, so you never see more than one at any time. Also, when they are quiet for a little while, it’s because of the excuse they’ve concocted: I was just getting my 90 minutes’ sleep of the day!!!

Well, I’m here to tell you- I saw them all, all at once, at the same time… Yessirree, I surely did. All five of them. It was the night that Dominic was paying for the bar tab, ya see, . . . .:shock:

No way. That $1,500 bar tab was from the two of us! The other 4 of me you saw, err, I mean you thought you saw was beacuse $1,000 of the tab was yours :smiley:

I have a question, The HI Pro looks very similiar to a HI Reporting software created back in 2000. It was called “QuickStart2000 Pro” that was HQ’d in Tampa, Forida and developed for some ASHI members. Are you the Author of that program, Dominic?


Hi George,

No, I’ve never heard of that program. In fact, I never another checked out another home inspsection program until recently. I wanted to make sure everything was directly inspector designed. Back in 2000 I was getting my Computer Programming degree in College , teaching high school math and computers, and acting as a network administrator.

Home Inspector Pro came about when 3 companies here in California asked me to design a program for them almost 4 years ago. One of the guys was a family friend and knew my degree so they asked me to write it for them. Since they didn’t want to pay my sallary for a year to design a program from scratch, I kept all the copyrights to it. The first version of the program took a year. I wrote it from line 1 in Java so that it could run on Windows, Mac or Linux. The original companies started using it after the first year. The second year I spent programming it so that it could be used worldwide, completely customized it and built the template editor into the system. A franchise in New Zealand shaped a lot of the program during the last half of that year with requests to improve the program for them.

Over the last year, about 70% of the changes have come from requests and discussions with InterNACHI members. Suggestions that all the guys have made here have been implemented into the program in montly releases.

I just googled QuickStart200 Pro and only found one page mentioning it here: but it looks like the page they link to no longer exists.

Thanks for providing the history of HIP Domonic. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work.

Thanks for contributing to the history of it :mrgreen: