Donald Trump predicted it correctly back in 2004. Here is what he said:

Note the year.

Donald has been talking sense for some time.
Two additional polls today show he making ground again. There is a desire for the common man to admire his accomplishments and believe anything is possible. He has a way of bringing everyone up. I keep watching and so will Americas. He will refine his game when it matters the most.
In the mean time, it’s a great show.

It’s good to see former Obama supporters get on board with trump.


I expect to see a lot of that.

Really? :shock:


How desperate can you get?

Not desperate. Just laughing at all the hoopla and the idiots. Republicans are in an absolute tizzy with all the extreme candidates they get to choose from. And having Trump tweak them on a daily basis will never get boring. Don’t worry Mike, whichever candidate YOU choose to vote for, will lose in the end.

Oh trust me the right is laughing its *** off over Hillary’s misdeeds and getting beat by Bernie who at least can draw a crowd.

How pathetic the Democrat party has become. Oof dah:p