Donate to The Haiti Red Cross

Donate to Help Haiti via The Red Cross



When it comes to measuring results, The Salvation Army has one of the highest performance rates at the lowest costs.

Both great places. Done mine how about everyone else.

Just a note to those who text a donation.

The money donated via text message has to first be collected on your cell phone bill before being sent. 45-60 days away.

They need funds now.


I feel sorry for the people in Haiti. They certainly need our help.

Closer to home… Here is a fellow NACHI member who needs our help and he needs it now!](

Verizon has already “advanced” $3M of text donations to speed the delivery of funds. Look for similar response from other carriers.

Glad to hear it.

Thanks for the update Chuck.

Another charity that does good work *and *spreads the Gospel.

Thanks guys.