Donating School Computers

We have recently upgraded our computer learning center and are ready to donate up to 20 computers. If you know an organization or even a person who would benefit from a computer, who otherwise could not afford one, simply send me a note, via my e-mail at

All inquiries and e-mails will be kept strictly confidential.

The hard-drives will be operational with a Windows Operating system- 98 2dn ed, 2000 or XP, depending on the model. We will eliminate all data from the system.

Look forward to hearing from anyone with suggestions. I put this on several message boards, and wanted those from NACHI who knew of those who would benefit from a computer, to contact us.

just wanted you guys to know i picked up one of these computers off of bill awhile ago, granted it wasn’t the quickest bugger, but, it did its intended job at the time.

don’t know how long i may have had it, who knows. (i was cleaning one day and my little wanna be ballerina put it out of commission, oh well)


Thanks for the tremendous response to our e-mail. I am e-mailing each person who contacted us. We are happy to donate these systems for people who can really use them.

When more becomes available in the Spring, I will make this posting again. Everyone who contacted me will receive an e-mail as to how to pick up their donated units- I am glad that many of the Inspectors and their families can use these.

All the best.

Bill, thank goodness your cleaning out that room !!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: