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The NACHI Foundation has received a request for international assistance. A gentleman that is assisting with the rehab of a small island in the Bahamas called Sweetings Cay, has requested support in the form of smoke alarms. We have some, but are in need of more. I have yet to receive word from First Alert on a request for more. The alarms will leave on a plane next Thursday, July 8. Unfortunately we cannot ship them there.

The island is a poor island with about 70 houses. They have no smoke alarms and little fire protection. They have no hospital and one "doctor". The requestor is taking them a supply of fire protection equipment along with a supply of medical supplies. The problem they have is that when people send them supplies by mail, they "disappear". Seems the officials in Port Royale have confiscated all shipments of medical supplies in the past year and a shipment of fire protection equipment and smoke alarms. They take it for themselves.

If you care to help, send basic smoke alarms(as many as you care to purchase), to:
Daniel Frend, NACHI Foundation
108 West 11th Avenue
Brooklyn Park, MD 21225.

If you do send them, they need to arrive by Wednesday. Thank you all in advance for your generosity. Below are some images of the island.


Main Street




Fire Department[/url]

Daniel R Frend
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