Done with InterNACHI

I saw something today that finally sealed the deal for me to quit InterNACHI and join the truly premier organization “ashey”!

This video really made me rethink my membership here. I mean c’mon Nick! You never once offered me a cool badge thingy like that to wear. Holey Moley! With that I could rule the whole wide inspection world.

OK. I’m sorry. I know I’m going to hell. But I just could not help myself.

Have a great night all :p:cool:

We have them for children so that they can pretend they are wearing a real badge. :wink: . InterNACHI is the world’s largest inspection trade association, not a kindergartener’s birthday party.

Why don’t they just run the top gutter drain to the bottom gutter to prevent the ice damming?

The inspector in the video is a buffoon with a little badge like little boys used to wear when they pretended to be a sheriff.

So many issues with this video. Does everyone give their opinion on the home to the buyer?? I have never worn a tie on an inspection. I have never used only a flashlight to inspect the home. where are the tools?? If you are going to do a video on home inspections, make it real, not a phony ad. I could go on and on…

Must of been a cheap roof covering if it only last 17-18 years.

Well, that’s alright, they have to remove it to install the ice and water shield anyways. ;):slight_smile:

I am sorry, but I could only watch about 15 seconds of this before I shut it down after pucking in my mouth a little… Better things to do. What a joke. And that thing around his neck? Is he a narc?

However, I want a GOLD InterNachi badge…Yep!:D:cool:

Badge! Badge! Badge!

I would be concerned with showing up dressed like a office worker it tells me he not planing on going in places that no one else goes . loose the tie, and white shirt , the badge well that could short out in a panel . what a great idea .

If my home inspector showed up wearing a friggin tie, that would be the end of it right there. Same goes for a mechanic… electrician… etc…

I agree.

On my inspections, I show up clean, and leave dirty.

A tie would be a good way to accidentally hang yourself on a nail in the attic, or as Wayne said, accidentally short out the panel.

Thanks JR. Life is now complete!

That whole video reeks of something scripted by someone in middle management and executed by volunteers and the local Vo-Tech AV class. Stilted dialog, unrealistic action, silly costume, etc. etc. It reminds me of something you might have seen back in the fifties or sixties. People these days are jaded. Most can spot a phony spiel a mile away. In this case, they can smell it. Viewers these days expect high production values and at least a modest level of entertainment, regardless of the product being sold.

It’s a shame. Someone probably went to a lot of effort to put together a video that is going to do their company more harm than good.

I worked as a paramedic for 10 yrs and hated wearing a badge. The last thing I want to do is be mistaken for a cop. A HI wearing a badge is just ridiculous! ASHI can keep them!

Any home inspector that wears an ASHI badge is an idiot and has feelings of grandeur. Badges are meant for officials. The same goes for a Concealed Carry badge.

John Shishilla correctly notes:


The other thing that doesn’t make sense is he’s wearing a white shirt that is STILL clean at the end of the inspection.

If he really inspected the attic and the basement, there is no way his shirt would be clean at the end of an inspection.

I am impressed… Assie inspectors have xray vision. Look at the ceiling. YEP Ice Daming. hasn’t seen the attic, is there any plumbing in the attic? is there a hole in the roofing? So many things wrong with this video.

When I was the code supervisor for the City of Alexandria VA i lobbied to get all the badges taken away from my inspectors. Why? because the last thing I wanted was to have some thug on the street think I am a cop…an an unarmed one at that.

I have no issues with the video in terms of the inspection…Why? because we all know if is simply a promo video for ASHI and not a real inspection. Just part of their marketing.