Done with InterNACHI

I think I know why he is wearing the badge.
If he wasn’t, the neighbors would call the police all the time because he looks and dresses like a child molester.

LOL. These ASSHI board members are buffoons. And now they’re buffoons with childish badges.

After watching the video I am about to puke…White long sleeve shirt, tie, dress slacks, dress shoes and a hanging Police Inspector badge… No wonder we have a bad reputation … The inspector looks like a sell agent… I hope that Nick has seen this video… sickening… Not a good representation of a Home Inspector.

The ASSHI logo is the inspection industry’s symbol of shame.

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on a serious note Nick, did you know about this news story?

Interesting. It should be addressed.

But only 24 total views and that’s after you and me.

Smart kid. But don’t confuse membership with home inspections. InterNACHI offers 45 different certifications to members of our trade association.

There is technically no minimum required age to be a member of InterNACHI, and no high school diploma required. If you complete the requirements, you can be a member. We have several teenagers who are members who help their fathers on actual inspections in the summers. In fact, we offer full scholarships to sons and daughters of ALL InterNACHI members which includes all their courses, text books, and yes, membership in the trade association.

There is technically no maximum age either. We had an 86-year old who was a member of InterNACHI.

It is a shame but I believe I am going to have to call a foul on this one. It would appear ASHI and Mr. Alden Gibson have broken the law. It would seem that this video was shot in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. Specifically using an agent located in DuPage county. Illinois requires a home inspector to be licensed.

Since a home inspection is the review of two or more systems or components for the conveyance of real property and we all saw Alden look at the roof and the kitchen and discussed his findings with a “purchaser” I believe he performed a home inspection.

I searched he cannot be found on the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation page he therefore performed a non-licensed or illegal home inspection.


I don’t see Alexander Larsen listed in the member directory but the TV news showed it in February?
The kid’s ASHI dad warns others “target” people like a scam.
TV says Nachi never responded/called back when called.

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People beat me to it on the MB, but posted this on YT:

"The corrective action recommended was deficient (if ice dammed). The best solution would be extending the upper level downspout to the lower level gutter. The roof would not need to be torn up. Water management is kind of important in building science.

Looked like it was spring time. It could be the stated ice damming assessment, if previously investigated in the winter season. Was the attic space checked for lack of insulation; can the light fixture be insulated without causing a fire hazard? Possibility of a roof, plumbing, flashing leak. In addition, the area roof slope should be checked, as that requires extra under layment when low sloped.

It is important for the inspector to know what the manufacturers recommendations for downspouts on roofing shingles are."

You don’t prevent ice dams from forming by tearing off shingles and installing Ice & Water Shield. You address the problem. You add insulation and attic ventilation or you can use heat tape on the roof surface.

and… ice dam leak damage usually occurs near the exterior wall. not toward the home interior.

You shouldn’t give shingle age and expected lifespans. I didn’t waste anymore time watching this thing.

If this video convinced you to join ASHI and their “over 5,000 members” (InterNACHI has over 20,000), then I think your judgement is not too good.

Kenton, Watching the video and seeing the home, it seemed unlikely that the cause was ice damming.

It is possible the inspector pointed out the wrong area :slight_smile:

Are the ASHI wars still raging? I remember when they had the most members but that was so last century. :lol:

I know I am late to the part on this but thanks for sharing. All I can say is “WOW” and not in a good way. I find it hard to believe someone thought this video was a good idea.

That’s boarder line impersonating a police officer! Wow.

Even worse, impersonating a Home Inspector!

I don’t usually go for the “my team is better than your team” thing that InterNACHI and ASHI have going on, but this was a truly terrible commercial.


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