Don't find many like this

In a residential setting

2015 W Maine Enid 10-12-10 008.jpg

2015 W Maine Enid 10-12-10 009.jpg

Was it 3 Phase?


Wow not often you find a house on 3 phase

Was it surrounded by commercial buildings

Nope in a historical district 100 year homes some K& T was still in use fun trying to explain a wild leg to a client can really be exciting

LOL I bet. good find Charley

Of course the A/C unit was the only 3 phase used at the home so I had to ensure the wild leg did not get used in the sub-panel Geez I had to exceed the SOP and use my meter;-):wink:

LOL oh no not Meter usage , I wonder how many actually carry one .

Or more importantly, know how to properly use one! :wink:

Looks like it got a little warm at some point. Or just dirty…?

Nope had some anti oxide grease applied owner was a electrical engineer

One would think he would known about the wild leg.:smiley:

The owner/seller(electrical Engineer) did know the buyer did not:D:D

I had 3 phase at a farm house once and at a loft conversion from what was at one time a commercial building.

No easy to inspect if not used to it.

I see 3 phase in residential about once a month. Typical scenario - older home (55-80 years old) on residential street backing up to a main block of Commercial businesses.

Usually the AC or detached workshop only thing besides main panel on 3 phase. To me the hard part is quite frequently the fuses are turned backwards so you can’t verify proper size without pulling them.

Not common here at all I did a double take when I looked at the name plate.

Sure was nice to meet you in person wished we could of had more time could of talked for days

Good Meeting you too Charley. I go to Dallas about 5-6 times a year. Maybe one of the next times I go, I can ride with you on an Oki job.

I have missed Tying up with Barry Adair the last 4 times I’ve been in Dallas and was staying less than 10 miles away froom him.

Charley, was this 3-phase 110/208 just for the A/C?

Why not for the whole home?

Was it color coded Black/Red/Blue/White/Green?
Was there a balanced load on all three legs or was there a variable?
I know, I ask to many questions. ;):slight_smile:

Marcel -

Most 3 phase panels I see are color coded Black-Black-Black

OR are you asking about the AC wires?