Don't forget to look inside

of the firebox, that is. . .

This seems to be a recurring theme for me lately. The form-boards used to build the masonry fireplaces have been left in at the breast plate.


Jeff, they must a figured since you burn wood in the fireplace it was all right. It will just burn off with the rest of the wood. :mrgreen::slight_smile:

Apparently so :wink:


I’m not surprised at all. I’ve called out many fireplaces where wood was still installed up in the throat area.

Dave, that is so when the creosote gets to heavy, the wood igintes it and cleans up the mess in the flue. :mrgreen::):wink:


Then I should do the right thing and send my clients an addendum to my past findings.

Damn I’m glad I only see about two fireplaces per year. And usually two of those two are pre-fab. Just try to find a chimney sweep in SW FL! :D:D:D