Don't forget to reset GFCI's

I tested and tripped the GFCI for the exterior outlets; it took me a while to find the reset location. You got it… Behind the refrigerator and freezer in the garage area. The fridge and freezer were both full of food. Glad I remembered.

I do the opposite…trip the GFCI then find the dead receptacles on that circuit.

If I can’t find the GFCI I certainly don’t want to trip a receptacle.

Carry an orange long extension cord with you. Cannot find the GFCI for the garage appliance, use the cord, plug it into an outlet inside the home. Walking over it will remind you. I have left a few, when the GFCI would not reset, but saves the food/items in the fridge on the GFCI/garage circuit. Recommend a designated outlet for any heavy garage appliance.

Noted! Thanks