Don't Forget - TONIGHT - 8:30 PM

Ben will be doing the Tips for Inspecting the House Exterior" on Wed, July 23, 2014, 8:30 PM EDT.

Ben’s webinars are the largest events in the industry, often with upwards of 3,000 inspectors in attendance.

Hey Nick… Can we have any of the local chapter meetings broadcast in some manner where nachi Members can register in advance… ?
Similar to what Ben is doing. I think it might promote more involvement for local chapters and be somewhat informative for issues that concern everyone. I can’t make the empire chapter meeting but would like to sit in on the meeting here in California…



Hi, everyone. Looks like the Google Event site went down on us. We tried everything. Other folks with events were experiencing the same issue.

So, let’s reschedule. I’ll try to notify everyone, but you’d better email me, and I’ll send you a notice about the next online class.

Hi, everybody.

We have a video recording of the live class at…3lpim6fr60ibcc