Don't let your unwanted inspection domain names expire... we want to buy them.

Let us know if you are not renewing any inspection or real estate domain names. We want to buy them.

Great how much?

I will sell and 20/ Im done with it. 99 cents for a .info, $10 for a .com name.

Hi to all,

I was going to sell “RealtorsPetInspections” to Jim Bushart but he doesn’t want it now :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink:



I will sell or for the right price??

For all that this association has done for you guys, you should be giving these domain names to Nick.

You’re HI business will bring you the profits, not selling domain names to your association.


I’m going to let the following domains expire…Help yourself.

He asked and besides, We pay to be in the association and also pay for our domain names.

this one expires on the 4th of june

I dont think so. If some one is interested in purchasing some of my domain names for the right price thats fine. thats part of business. Some of my names cost a good penny and i am not giving them away. I’m in business to make money not give it away.

Don’t just let them expire, make sure to transfer them. If you let them expire your registrar will usually hold onto them for 30-90 days or a cyber squatter will quickly pick them up. Cybersquatters can get domains for no cost at all and often pick up any expiring domain with the hopes that it was an accident and then they’ll sell it back to you for $500 bucks.

All it takes is for someone to tell me if they are interested in my unwanted domains and I will absolutely transfer them. (NO FEES INVOLVED)