Don't need no Thermal Imaging


How would you write this up?

Would you recommend further evaluation by…?

Would you shut this down if the seller was not around?

I would start by calling the listing agent and if seller was present show them, immediately. Show the buyer.
I wouldn’t get real descriptive. The homemade/unsafe/unprofessional electrical portion (at least what we can see from here) needs the attention of an electrician.

Looks pretty custom to me:laughing:


Shut what off? This doesn’t look like the owner/seller would have the sense to install one.

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Well it’s Christmas season so… Rudolph bolt is operating at time of inspection indicating unsafe operating condition within the panel.

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Are you overlooking the bright red nut? That is over 900 deg! That equipment is an immediate fire hazard and should be shut down as quickly as possible.

Yep it is indeed hot.
What if you did find a disconnect and grabbed it finding it hot or charged? All within possibility looking at this picture.
Other than making sure the inspector and anyone else present was within short distance of an exit, notifying seller/seller agent/buyer and electric utility (if necessary), seems appropriate.

Maybe you could shut it off, but is it safe to do so. If something goes wrong, it’s now your problem. Because of the potential safety risks and liability concerns, immediate call to power company to advise them of the unsafe conditions. Then notification to the listing and selling agents. Let the power company control how the panel gets shut off and when it can be restored.

Okay David. Since you started the post, where did this come from and if it was an inspection you conducted, how did you handle?

I had one of them in an unoccupied home once.

I called the listing agent and explained the issue and requested permission to shut down power to the house which she quickly gave me. She had an electrician on-site in an hour, fixed in under an hour and I reinspected it before leaving the house.

in a minute it’ll need further evaluation by a fire fighter. wow

What was wrong?

Loose grounded conductor - that’s all it takes.

All the scorched conductors had a lot of slack in them, so the sparky, cut them back and replaced the bus.